Truth is freeing and empowering. It makes real change possible. Real change brings out your essence. Your essence is beautiful.

Our essence is covered by conditioning of the past.

The past has become so much a part of our experience that we mistake it to being who we are.

This misidentification impacts our relationships, work, health, wealth, future, and sense of self — everything.


By bridging Divine Truth into places of conditioning and false identity, Divine Energy Healing can uncover more of your Essence and facilitate a greater degree of freedom, awakening, and change.


There Is Discord Within Us Awaiting Transformation

Life is hampered by the experiences of the past and the way those experiences make us think of and handle our future.

A lot can be done to create a better life. Working together with the divine could be the next step on that journey.

Issue Healings

Strengthening and Balancing Weak Energy System

Issue Healing 

Something deep within you is trying to get your attention. 

Truth, Authenticity, and Innocence are what you are. They constitute your essence.

However, essence can be covered by the conditioning of the past and hamper your ability to live and function according to your essence.

As a result, you can feel stuck and out of place.

As anyone on a conscious spiritual path can attest, we all have to face some very difficult things along the way.

And if we don't, sooner or later our deepest issues will demand our attention.

An issue/situation "being up" (i.e. active / in your face) is an excellent time to address it more deeply.

If this is where you are — even if you can't quite put a finger on what's bothering you exactly — I'd recommend you schedule a free call with me to see if your situation is something that could benefit from divine energy healing sessions.

Strengthen & Balance A Weak Energy System

The presence of infections and low-grade inflammation can take a heavy toll on your body, energy system, and quality of life. 

You may feel low in energy and get tired very easily – much more easily than you're used to – where even long hours of sleep will not make you feel rested and rejuvenated.

Your stamina may be gone altogether and even smallest of tasks can feel like mountain to climb.

In situations like this, there can also be aches and pains in joints and/or muscles.

Sometimes they are accompanied with headaches and slight, prolonged fever that seems to come and go.

During this time, it can be very difficult to find enough energy to exercise or to take care of yourselves properly.

On top of that, you may be getting sick more easily and more often than before. 

These symptoms may indicate a presence of infections and/or inflammation in the body and that the body/immune system has exhausted itself from having to battle the condition for so long with no time for recovery (sometimes, this can go on for weeks or months, even years).

With divine energy healing and healing protocols specifically designed for these situations, we can help energize, strengthen, and balance the physical body and energy system, diminish the effects of possible infections and inflammation, and help rejuvenate the immune system.

It can serve as a vital step in the process of healing and recovery and helping your body return back into balance.

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