I work with people who want to transform challenging issues so that they can be and act differently in situations where they’ve felt stuck and overwhelmed before.


Helping More People Get A True Break From Their Past And Move On Transformed.

Healing our deepest issues is the hardest thing to do. This is because of how deeply and thoroughly they're embedded into our body, consciousness, and energy system.

Sometimes, we lack the means to address them as deeply as we'd like to.

A solution to that may come in a form of Divine Energy and Consciousness, which can help clear and transform what ordinary human/spiritual energy and consciousness cannot.

This may boost our ability to heal our issues much more deeply and increase our ability to be and act differently in challenging situations, helping us move forward in ways that just wasn't possible before.

Utilizing Divine Energy Healing as an integral part of our healing journey is the main focus of my work.

I offer services in Divine Energy Healing to help you reach the next level on your personal healing journey.


My Journey As A Healer


It started with me being totally lost

One of the most important turning points in my life was when I realized there was something "wrong" with me.

Not wrong in a sense that I was bad, but in a sense that I had to change if I wanted to have a different life (I was having a really tough time back then).

Soon, I was introduced to meditation, which taught me how to turn my attention inward.

It was very surprising to find a world I had no idea existing: the inner world.

This was a big deal to me, because I felt there was absolutely nothing I could do to improve my life.

I spent the following few years meditating five hours a day, determined to become enlightened.

I also became a meditation teacher and taught it full-time for two years in Finland and Unites States, where I also got two university degrees.

But while I went through massive changes initially, I found that meditation failed to address the problems I had. This made me look elsewhere for a solution.


Further education

For the next few years, my focus shifed from mere mental techniques into other areas that constitute a human life.

I learned about how the health of our body and psyche are interconnected and how severely we numb ourselves to not see or feel what's truly going on within us.

There was so much I didn't know!

It was a shock to learn how much energy and effort we use to deny and avoid our pain, fear, and sadness (and issues!), and how incredibly complex our energetic and psychological setup needs to be able to hide it all.

I spent a lot of time studying it all and putting what I learned into practice.

The real game changer was learning how to detect the roots of our issues in our body and psyche.

Learning that skill helped myself and my clients immensely, as it helped to clarify what happened to us and why life has turned out the way it has.

This work has also helped to clear the real roots of our problems much more deeply and precisely, deepening the healing effects many times over.

July 2005

Divine steps in

The biggest upgrade to my healings was when I learned VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

It provided the vital ingredient needed to create deep, fast, and sustainable transformation: Divine energy and consciousness.

The contrast to the old was clear: I could do much better healings after taking just one 5-day course in VortexHealing® energetic therapy than I could with everything I had learned before.

This wasn't the easiest thing to accept as I had practiced highly regarded healing arts for a long time. 

Fortunately I didn't have to choose one over the other.

Instead, I started to offer "super sessions", which combine the best of both worlds.

They consist of an insightful, channeling-like EFT-session*, immediately followed by a VortexHealing® energy therapy session.

This combination produces great results, because after releasing deep emotional blockages and gaining meaningful insights from the EFT session, people are incredibly open and ready to let divine do an even deeper clearing.

*EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

September 2008

HealerLink founded 

As time went on, I kept taking every VortexHealing® class available.

Then I got an idea of HealerLink, a place that brought together professional, highest-level VortexHealing® divine energy healing practitioners.

I got an OK from the founder of VortexHealing® (Ric Weinman) to go ahead with the idea.

In addition to offering 1-on-1 sessions, we held over 250 group healings spanning over eight years.

These healings were beautiful — there was something very magical that happened when two healers came together to facilitate a group healing. 

The project was put on a hiatus in 2013 as I simply cut myself too thin managing all aspects of the business, giving client sessions, and running my personal healing practice on the side.

November 2009

Black hole issue healings

Aside from offering a divine healing art, VortexHealing® is a lineage that is an active collaboration between the founder, teachers, students, practitioners, and the divine force behind the lineage (without which there would be no lineage). 

As the lineage progresses, new discoveries are being made not only with healing tools and self-development, but also with conditioning.

In fact, it's the discovery of new, deeper conditioning that leads to the development of new healing tools, resulting in deeper awakening, freedom, and transformation.

One major discovery with conditioning was labeled as a black hole issue.

These are issues that have accumulated over several life-times, and they hold tremendous, inescapable emotional charge and identity, causing potentially severe psychosomatic symptoms and difficulty.

When people say that they have dropped into a black hole with no way out, it's these issues they are referring to (even if they don't know about their existence. What they are describing is how such an issue actually feels.)

Addressing these issues became the backbone of my healing practice for many years. 

April 2011

Working for the planet 

In spring of 2011, I started to have an very strong, unexplainable interest in EarthWorks.

EarthWorks is where you clear the environment (such as land, buildings, and consciousness of an area – and sometimes people) from unwanted, negative energetic/consciousness phenomena.

These include various types of energetic beings, uncleared psychic conditioning, and unresolved trauma (created by severe, violent events, such as a battle of war or severely dysfunctional family or interpersonal dynamics).

Once a place is cleared, its energetics can be optimized by creating divine energetic structures that bridge in divine energy and consciousness to the area.

It can improve the energetic environment of the place significantly for the better.

This work has taken me to various countries and given me a vast amount of experience and expertise in dealing with this phenomenon.

These trips were extremely educational and resulted in great discoveries and unique healing techniques. 

Participating in this work continues to this day.

January 2012

Further specialization 

A significant amount of our health-related problems and disease are made more severe (or even caused) by the presence of viral and bacterial infections, low grade inflammation, poor immune system, and weak energy system.

Specializing in addressing such conditions has been the single most effective way for my clients to drastically improve their physical health and well-being. 

April 2020

New healing modality 

God works in mysterious ways.

A deep surrender to the divine initiated a surprising sequence of events that resulted in me being given a new divine energy healing modality.

Emerging deep within divinity, this divine healing modality bridges Divine Truth, Energy, and Consciousness into what is in a state of imbalance and un-truth within us, facilitating deep healing, awakening, and transformation.

It is called MahaKali Tree of Truth

Word "Maha" means great. "Kali" refers to an aspect of Divine that seeks to restore and bring forth our innocence and authenticity, our truthfulness and courageousness, and our true love for ourselves, others, and the Divine.

Word "Tree" refers to the Wholeness of Life that includes everything in creation. The Tree also signifies how each expression in life is not only an expression of totality (the Divine) but IS Divinity expressing Itself in an infinite number of ways and how each expression and their healing (or not healing) is always affecting everyone and everything.

Timo Kiviö

Healer, MBA, TM-teacher

28+ years of active study and practice in the holistic healing arts, including:

  • Full-time professional healing practice for over 13 years with thousands of client sessions

  • Founder, MahaKali Tree of Truth divine energy healing modality

  • Founder,

  • Over 2200 contact hours completed in VortexHealing® divine energy healing, including Accessing Manifesting Intention (highest level)

  • Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® program

  • High-level practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

  • Study at Barbara Brennan School of Healing® (2 years)

  • Bachelors and Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from MIU, USA

  • Pathwork® Transformation Program (1 year)

  • Numerous other interests of study

For me, there is no separation between myself, my work, and non-work; I see all of my life as an on-going process of self-reflection and growth. As a healer, I take my work very seriously and always look for ways of finding a deeper meaning and better ways of doing things.

I also spend a ridiculous amount of time working on myself.

During my non-working hours, I like to ride a motorcycle, run, swim, weightlift, play badminton, go to sauna and swim in frozen lakes, and do target shooting Zen-style. 

® "VortexHealing" is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. More information about VortexHealing:

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